It’s a love thing…

Chanty's Cosmos

So the other day Peter and I were sitting in a restaurant and I overheard a couple talking. Please don’t get me wrong…I didn’t mean to eaves drop. I just happened to hear what they were talking about. We were the only people sitting in that section so it was kind of unavoidable to hear. Plus I’ve got this ability to split my focus on more than three things at once…it comes with motherhood:-)

Anyhoooo. It was a real relaxing environment. You can’t help but to settle yourself into the surroundings so easily, so comfortably. The fact that it was basically a kids free zone made it official that couples could really just let their guards down. So there we were…just chilling on the open deck of the restaurant deliberately choosing light topics to chat about.

That’s when I heard it. The couple who were sitting a few feet away…

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