Evil device…

Cyranny's Cove


Nothing looks evilish on this picture, right?

Wrong. There is a magic eye incorporated to that faucet, and if you move your hands too close to it, it’ll turn on the water automatically…

Ughhh! Devil thing!!  I get caught everytime. E-ve-ry-ti-me. And I step up and remind Mom that she has a devilish kitchen faucet, and that she really should go back old school, with faucets you actually have to turn on and off!

Really, this is not a better way. Mom and Dad have installed this faucet about 5 years ago. I still come close to flatlining everytime I walk near it.

It has to stop.

Mom turned the magic eye off for me, for the weekend. (I won, you devilish thing!! Mom loves me more than she loves you!!!)

P.S. Yes, Sandra, that’s one of your cards! 🙂

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