36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/6/18

  1. I think it’s still important to most people. Just wish it were still important to our so-called “leaders”. In my heart though, I still believe most people are good, and try to do the right thing…even when nobody’s watching.

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  2. I correspond with an English gent and he uses this as a type of thank you, praise word. The first time I read it, I thought, how quaint and it made me smile. Honor is badly needed. I used to think people in authority were honorable, just because of their position, quite naive, I admit. Honor and respect go hand in hand. I also think it is not innate, has to be taught, hopefully by example.

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      • I wonder if there is a stronger concept of honor in some other cultures. Japan for example? And others where there is even less honor! I shall not give examples but I can think of a few!

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      • That is possible. I’m not sure if parents in the States teach kids about honor and acting honorably. I know it isn’t happening on television. I also don’t hear the word honor used very often.


  3. People of honor are much less talked about. They are all around us however. Many of our military today are the best of the best. There are people who save strangers at risk to their own lives. Think of the teachers at Parkland High School in Florida who lost their lives to save the children. Think of the people who responded to the devastation this past summer from the flooding from hurricanes in Texas and elsewhere. Think about our firefighters and police who risk their lives as first responders. There are many out there with honor. Our problem is NOT that we lack honor. Our problem is we no longer have decent media coverage to tell more stories like those. They go in and talk about Parkland for a week and then they change the subject to politics. Did we really hear much about those people who were heroes? We need more coverage of people like that. There are lots of organizations doing great things like Tim Tebow’s program for kids with cancer. I still believe in people. They just aren’t yelling as loud as the not so honorable ones. Sorry, I meant to comment and instead it looks like a post.

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    • No, no I appreciate reading your comment. I think it is important to get different perspectives because it helps me form a well thought out view. In light of your view I tend to agree. It is easy to allow negative media coverage to create the impression that the world is crumbling around us. I do believe there are honorable people in the world. I also agree that we don’t hear of these stories enough.

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  4. I think it is playing less and less of a role. We seem to have a climate where whoever tells a lie the loudest and and most often wins. I’ve come to the point where I’m sick of watching the news and can’t believe some of the shenanigans that are going on in Washington on both sides. That whirring sound you hear is our forefathers spinning in their graves. This country is not what they planned when they ratified the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We have become a society of rude, entitled idiots that use social media as an equalizer where everyone’s opinion, no matter how ill-informed, has an equal platform.

    Now, aren’t you sorry you asked? 🙂

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