Does Smart Phone Focus Make You Selfish?


Does Smart Phone Focus Make You Selfish?

Selfishness exists in the U.S. in one major way: people are absorbed into their smart phones and rarely look up.   Now why do you think I label looking down at a smart phone as selfish?   I label this as selfish because looking down at one’s smart phone makes one less aware of what is going on in the world around them.  At worst it is self-absorbed.

Now I will admit there was a time when my go-to move in public was to kill time by diving into my smart phone or tablet.  I don’t do that any longer or at least I try to not do it the majority of the time.

It is interesting to be out in public and not use your smart phone.  You will notice that the vast majority are walking around while looking down.  Many are watching videos or checking their status on social media, but still, they are looking down and not paying attention to the real world.

I wonder what the long-term effects will be of raising a generation who are obviously addicted to technology?  Will humans turn out to be like the humans in Wall-E?  I not sure what the impact will be, but I am certain it isn’t entirely healthy.

I enjoy people watching.  I enjoy looking up and seeing other humans.

I think people need a reminder to look up.  I have begun to leave my phone at home or in my car when I don’t need it.  I do not place it on the table when eating.  I am beginning a slow disconnect from it when I don’t have to have it on me.  And I feel better when I don’t have it on me at all times.

It feels good to be disconnected if only for a few minutes.


32 thoughts on “Does Smart Phone Focus Make You Selfish?

  1. Well, I mostly play with my phone on breaks at work, but I kill time waiting (like at the doctor) by reading, which equally takes me from this world. Though I am a somewhat paranoid person & have a tendency to look around randomly. If someone talks to me I have a tendency to engage in the conversation. When I am in public listening to music I only put in one earbud, again, paranoia, I have to know what’s going on around me. I don’t know, maybe my somewhat prankster older brother who would sneak into my room behind me & other irritating, but similarly harmless behavior, trained me to always be alert, you never know who is sneaking up behind you.

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      • I do believe that people have become accustomed to their own little world, but I am not certain that it makes people more selfish or self-absorbed.

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      • Not everyone’s online presence is focused completely on themselves. Just because a person is not engaging with the people in their immediate surroundings does not mean they are avoiding human contact. They could be pep talking a friend who needs the support, donating to a charity, or participating in any number of social activities that relate to beneficially working with others, or just engaging with others in a way that is not all that dissimilar to chatting with them in person (considering this more of a neutral action rather than positive or negative).

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      • In an ideal situation people might be donating to a charity. lol but the unfortunate reality is they are checking their social media status and watching kitten videos. lmao.

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      • I like cat videos, but they hardly rule my life. Generally, I’m retweeting to help promote others (not entirely altruistic there, they help promote my works in return), chatting with my husband via text, deleting ad email & poking links to check out blog posts from my email. Don’t always make it through the posts until lunch time and/or after work, as that’s a lot to do in 15 minutes, also there are times when I opt to chat with others (rare, sadly my breaks don’t line up with the breaks of anyone else & I’m graveyard shift).

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  2. I’ve always loved people watching. If I’m moving my phone is put away. It’s when I sit that I find myself on it. I think it is selfish because you’re so absorbed in your “own little world” even if it’s the online world.

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  3. The other thing I have noticed recently is how many couples who are out to dinner are not speaking to one another but are looking at their phones. And iIm not talking about young couples here. These have been people in their 60s and early 70s.The same age as my husband and me. We still seem to have lots to talk about but it seems that many older couples do not and now the phone has provided an escape from the silence. I find that sad.

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    • I also find it sad. Last Wednesday Evelina and I went on a date to a painting studio. There was a couple close to us and the woman talked on her phone the entire time. There is a place and time for things, date night is not the time to talk on the phone. lol

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  4. Look into the Moment app. It tracks how many hours a day you use your device and breaks it down app by app. It tracks how many times you “check” your phone too. It’s changed my perspective on my smart phone use in a positive way.

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  5. I love watching people. Putting your phone aside for a few moments and gazing up at the surroundings, we can notice so much. Getting engrossed in smart phones is something that deprives us of the reality. We really do need a break from the social media at times. I prefer putting my phone aside and sinking into my own thoughts once in a while. It’s fun getting to know other things.

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  6. I agree. My husband had a previous problem with this. We’d be out to eat. He’d snap and post his food. Then ignore the moment responding to his comments. His time to think has made regret those loss moments. However I am concerned for years later when there is even more technology and it’s all new to him. I wonder if he will be able to disconnect and focus on what’s important.

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  7. It quite possibly could. If it doesn’t make you selfish then at least it shifts your attention. Not being on social media for a week already made me more aware of my surroundings. Maybe I’ll try a week without a smartphone next.

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