Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/7/18


Let me ask you a question:

Why don’t more people vote?

56 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/7/18

  1. As someone who has worked the polls for the Republican Women I asked that a lot. They forget and then say “Oh, well, it doesn’t matter anyway, we know so and so will win”. Also they don’t know where to vote. People work during the day. Here you have to go register to vote. And you have to declare a party. That is stupid. If you could just vote for the person and not the party, and make it easier to get to the polls and easier to register maybe we’d see a better turn out.

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  2. As I volunteer every single year for the election commission I can tell you what people say to me…I didn’t know where to go…my vote doesn’t count for anything anyway…i had to work…i’m not a dem, repub…i had better things to do last year…it’s all rigged anyway…no one told me it was time to vote……I hated all the candidates……i couldn’t make up my mind.

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    • Those are all terrible excuses in my mind. Most people have direct connection to the internet and kind find tons of kitten videos to watch. You can find out where you are supposed to vote.

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  3. The previous answers seem to have the subject covered, except for one thing. Without actual data, I do suspect that months of exposure to negative political ads on TV leave many people simply disgusted with the whole business to the point that even voting feels dirty and rewarding bad behavior.

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  4. I agree with the above answers, in the UK I think its a mixture of not knowing who to vote for, thinking that their vote doesn’t matter and also the fact our 2 main parties are very similar.

    I would hope for a lot of people, Brexit might have changed that for a lot of people, a couple more million had come out and voted to stay then we wouldn’t be leaving. The same with the last general election, a few more and labour would of voted. As it was, the Tory party was in for a shock, when they didn’t get a majority government and now I think more people are disgusted with them then before,, after getting into bed with the DUP, plus the Tory party have put the Good Friday Agreement at risk with that deal, oh and putting the UK at risk of splitting up due to a vote, which no one understood and was only done as an ego boost for the then leader and got egg all over his face.

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  5. Because for people of color, students, and elderly it’s getting harder and harder to vote. In certain states, laws are being changed so that it is made more difficult than ever before.

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  6. I believe it is because they do not believe it would matter anyway…especially in light of recent events. Also, there are those who have felony convictions that prohibit them from participating in elections by law. The list could go on…

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    • Those with felonies are not included in the list of available voters. And the “my vote doesn’t matter” is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. If 5% of those people showed up in 2016 and voted for Clinton we would have a different Pres. Imagine the difference if 80% of the black/hispanic population showed up in 2020 and voted?! But in 2016 both groups fell in turnout to below 50%.

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  7. Apathy and complacency perhaps. The feeling that it is pointless? A lack of any candidates they want to vote for. Finally…..they just don’t realize how precious the right to vote is. A few years spent in a dictatorship might give them a different viewpoint. I always vote even when I do not like any of the candidates. I find someone and vote for them. Women , suffragettes, went to prison, endured force feeding ,lost their families and in the case of Emily Davidson who ran out in front of the horses at a race in England to try to pin a suffragette scarf on the King’s horse and was trampled to death, lost their lives to I could vote. I have to honor that. So I always vote.

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  8. I think because of the same reason Jeremy Corbin has attracted a massive proportion of the young vote. They don’t know any better. I had an interest in politics for 40 years but now I just see old ideas reinvented without any actual results or innovation. There are some excellent MP’s / Senators working locally, but when it comes to national or international issues the system takes over. They have to protect the system above all else which is generally governed by finance. Generally an armed robber will get a heavier sentence than a rapist which says it all. People don’t vote because they have been let down so many times there just doesn’t seem to be point. 😀

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  9. I think it’s a mixture of apathy and frustration. For some people, the latest celebrity gossip is much more important and top-of-mind than the governing of the country. For others, especially after this last presidential election, there’s frustration. We have no term limits in Congress and politicians are bought and paid for by lobbying groups. The popular vote seems meaningless as we have now had, arguably, two elections that didn’t go the way of the voters preference because of the electoral college. There are pros and cons to the electoral college, but I think some adjustments are called for. In many states, if 51% of the popular vote goes to one candidate and 49% to the other, all of the electoral votes go to the one with 51%. Some states have adopted a proportional awarding of these votes. I think that’s a start.

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