A Dim View of Things

Being Lydia!

There is a site I go to once in awhile for inspiration in the form of a daily prompt. I haven’t been there in awhile, but it always seems to be a fitting word when I do. The word, “Dim”, was no exception.

Yesterday I went for my annual eye exam. I have been going every year instead of the usual two years because I have been slowly developing cataracts. I knew the outcome of this appointment was not going to be very bright, and I was correct.

In the last while, with or without my glasses, my sight has been cloudy and I have been straining when I try to read. I was hoping and praying that it was just an adjustment to my prescription; however, I was not surprised when the eye doctor gave me the news.

Cataracts have progressed in both eyes and require surgery. The left is…

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