44 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/9/18

  1. Motorcycle… then again, I really like flying. I’ll say plane! Wait!! No, riding a train is just so cool… Train it is for me… But, Sonofa is right, there’s nothing like walking your way to enjoy a new place…. Hmmm… *confused*

  2. That depends on the distance, degree of hurry, and the weather. Wouldn’t it be nice if, like Bob Marley in “No Woman, No Cry”, my feet could be my only carriage.

    1. yes, but he grew up on a tiny island where one could reasonably walk. I’m not so sure how I would enjoy walking to California from our neck of the woods. lol

  3. If I could it would be walking, definitely. But now? A car, preferably in the backseat next to my 11year old granddaughter. We have fun and no, we never get into any trouble🤞🏻

  4. I like to hop in my Star Cruiser and get across the universe for some decent gelato. if it fails to start, I’ll go to DQ in my Vee Dub for a Butterfinger Blizzard.

  5. Depending on the distance and the time allowed…horseback, train, car, plane but not boats unless it is on a river or lake. Can’t do boats on the ocean or I am sicker than sick. I’d love to try a hot air balloon some day!

      1. If I was younger it would be the horse. But at my age a car. The age factor comes in because I would love to take a long trip on a horse but that would involve camping out overnight or finding places that would take me and my horse etc so that type of adventure is better suited to a younger person.

      2. A long trip by horse would be tough on any person young or old. The riding for multiple hours each day could devastate one’s back. lol

      3. Yes it could. I don;t know if you know of a book I reviewed by Isabella Bird “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky mountains”. In the late 19th century she travelled , on horseback through the Rockies and Colorado. By herself!!! It’s a wonderful story.

  6. When I lived in upstate New York, I had staff in Albany and New York and I enjoyed taking the train to visit them once a month. It was generally not crowded and you could spread out and work along the way or read. It was nice quiet time.

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