Write Outside-Adventure Edition


The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” ~ Oprah

This past January, I finally had the opportunity to visit my family at their seasonal home in El Pescadero and Todos Santos, Mexico. For nearly 8 years we’d been trying to make this trip happen and something always came up. Until this year! I saw my window of opportunity and seized it. My family took us off-roading to oasis like beaches and majestic cliff-top panoramic views. I conquered my fears and achieved my dream of swimming with beautiful whale -sharks. I skipped around in the cold Pacific water for the first time. We followed a whale, chased dolphins and watched pelicans in the Sea of Cortez. Then sailed out to the ancient Arches in Cabo and watched the sun set on our amazing trip. We had a grand adventure that exceeded our expectations.

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