Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/10/18


Let me ask you a question:

Could you handle the responsibility of being on a jury in a high-profile murder trial?

36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/10/18

  1. I was on a chosen group and not picked because I answered the lawyers’ questions truthfully. I didn’t think the person should receive more compensation than the first trial made him pay. She was claiming disability and wanted more money. He had already lost his home. She went skiing in Aspen and did a marathon in between trials. Disabled or harmed? My a–!

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  2. Definitely, I am not a ‘grey area’ person. Look at the evidence, if you believe that she/he is guilty/not guilty with no doubt then that’s it. If you don’t believe in yourself, in your own judgement/convictions you’d be a teeny weeny bit stuffed. 😀

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  3. Yes …. I am doing six months jury duty service right now. The cases coming thru criminal court are high and low profile for the county, state. If a celebrity ever gets lost, and commits a crime in this county … I could handle the duty. g

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      • Yes, but as a born again Christian I could not vote death and would be stricken from any jury list. I am also seeing that I am being stricken from all Criminal cases I think from age and being an opinioniated old man. So far I have only served on Civil cases.Plus … I am a KNOWN Democrat in a very red county-state. g


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