Life Can Be Like a Quick Turn-Around Flight

Life Can Be Like a Quick Turn-Around Flight

DannySometimes life can be like a quick turn-around flight.

On Thursday I flew out to Boston for a meeting with some of my companies executives.  It was an interesting experience for me as our parent company’s CEO was present along with the CEO of one of our subsidiaries.   Then of course their executive team was present also.  The meeting went well, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

This trip was a quick turn-around; fly out on Thursday evening, fly back on Friday afternoon.  If you have ever flown you might understand that these quick turn-around trips are usually more exhausting than week long trips.  I’m not sure why, but for me flying is a stressful experience.  Each airport has its own rules for what they allow in a carry-on.  Where am I going to eat?  What time do I need to arrive at the airport?  My flight is delayed, what do I do for the next 2 hours?  What time does my flight arrive?  Is there a hotel shuttle or do I have to grab an Uber?  On and on and on.

And then as soon as you get settled in your room, it is time to pack up go to a meeting get back to the airport and go through all the mental hurdles again.

It is a whirlwind.

Life can feel like this sometimes.  So much going on that we feel that we are caught in a tornado.  When will the hectic schedule stop?  When will I be able to relax and breath?  When will all the drama end?

Just like at the airport, sometimes it is necessary to find a quiet spot and hide.  I don’t mean run and hide I simply mean to get away for a few moments and get out of the tornado winds.  Seek quiet relief and collect your thoughts.  Gain perspective and try for a moment to see things objectively.

When the winds of life are thrashing we must seek out the solace of our minds in which we can allow, if only for a moment, ourselves to exhale.  After all, fighting the winds only wears you out and eventually might sweep you up.

Find your happy place and take a break.



7 thoughts on “Life Can Be Like a Quick Turn-Around Flight

    1. Smart idea. This trip was the first flight in some time and it wrecked my body. Sitting in such a small space for hours hurt badly. I need room to stretch. lol

      1. Yes, I hear you. My muscles in my legs and feet start spasming and cramping really badly. I have to make sure that I get up as much as I can to go to the restroom. I also get an aisle seat every time. I found the airlines are very accommodating to people with disabilities or those who just need extra help

  1. Flying certainly has changed over the last 50 year’s. It used to be an event that you looked forward to where you dressed up, were treated like a paying customer and got amazing meals and service (steak and eggs for breakfast and steak and lobster for dinner—and those little wine bottles!) on the plane. Now I dread it. They herd you through like cattle and if you’re lucky you get a bag of peanuts—which my daughter is anaphylactic to.

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