To a son in Kampala


You boarded Otada coach that day, lured into that evil town by the clutches of opportunity,
You were never one to accept poverty, you always said that we all had a right to be rich,
When one day I made the mistake of asking you who had said this nonsense,
You got excited and began telling me of Pilato who is not the one in the Bible,
You said this man was a thinker and he had imagined an ideal  world where everyone was happy, content, rich, and never sad.
When I told you that it was not possible you said I was using my brain,
told me of Pilato’s learner who had later refused to agree with him.

I wanted to stop you, convince you to stay for just one more month, one small month
Wait for Abiro’s army like Opobo’s son had done, join them and get a…

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