Why Discipline Is the Key To Success

Why Discipline Is the Key To Success


Why Discipline Is the Key To Success…

There is no other skill more important than discipline.

And so we are all on the same page by what I mean by “discipline”, let’s define it accurately.  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines discipline as: “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.”  I like to think of discipline as doing something even when you don’t want to do the task.

For instance, a good example of discipline would be going to the gym when your mind is working overtime to convince you to take a day off.  Discipline is when you make the right food choice even when your mind is trying to convince you to get the double chocolate brownie sundae.

There is no skill stronger than discipline when you are trying to reach a goal or find a higher level for yourself.  Discipline is the skill that will allow you to overcome any obstacle.  Discipline is the power behind the goal; the fuel in the tank.

All success is built on discipline.

Life is tough and people will use every opportunity to say I told you so.  Life will try to beat you down.  Life will try to convince you, you are not good enough.  Life will kick you in your arse.  Life will try to rob you of victory.

So why would someone make decisions which help life beat them down even more?  Why help and provide fuel for the negative?

What I try to focus on is adding fuel to the positive.  I work to make better food decisions which keeps my body a little more fit which allows my mind to be even stronger.  I read to learn and edify my knowledge.  I write to express myself artistically.  I work hard at my job to be the best I can be.  I work to practice discipline so that I give myself every opportunity to reach every goal I set.

When you don’t practice discipline and you make poor choices about yourself, then in a huge way you are helping life kick you straight in your butt.  You are helping prove the naysayers right.  Poor decision-making lends support to the same force which is working against you.

Why would anyone do this?

But people do it every single day with their food choices.  They do it every single day when they decide to lie around and watch hours of television.   They do it every day when they decide to cut corners.

Do yourself a favor and stop helping life kick your own arse.  Start practicing discipline and make better choices which benefit you, your mind, your spirit and your body.



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