Is the Time Change a Chance For a Fresh Start?


Is the Time Change a Chance For a Fresh Start?

In the United States we have this thing called Daylight Savings.  Each year clocks are set forward 1 hour in the spring and set back one hour in the fall.  Many reasons are given for the “why” of doing it, but the main result is every fall it suddenly is dark at 5:30 pm leaving no time during the week for non-work related daylight.  So people are left counting the days until the spring jump forward so they can enjoy some daylight following the conclusion of their work day.

But I have a different perspective this year.  I am going to take full advantage of the daylight and I’m using the jump forward as a prompt to get a lot more active.  I am going to push my body to the max and see what I get.  Now, for those who know I live with MS so “pushing” my body takes on a much different meaning than the average healthy person.  My feet cannot take the pounding of running nor can I walk for long distances.  But it is the walking that I am going to tackle in hopes that I can eventually build up to running.

I believe that being fit is the single most important thing anyone can do to get anything they want in life.  I believe that making incredibly healthy food choices is the most important thing someone must do in order to be fit.  Therefore, if you want more from your life, then you must begin to make incredibly healthy food choices.

Some might disagree with statement and that is okay.  It doesn’t make it any less true.

I must begin making strict food choices, especially when eating out.  I will be loading my body with tons of vegetables and fruits, with low-fat proteins like fish.  I am not much of a fish fan so I am going to search out the types of fish that I will like, but I’m making the transition off of beef, chicken and turkey.  My eating will be primarily veggies.

A strong mind begins with a strong body.  If the body is fat, like mine is now, then the mind gets weak.  But if the body is incredibly strong, then the mind will be stronger.  Your Discipline will strengthen.  Your Will will strengthen.  Your Motivation will get stronger.  Your Inspiration will get stronger.  Your Resolve will get stronger.

And all of this happens when you have a strong body.

Conversely when the body is weak, layered in fat cells and receives foods loaded with low nutrients, then the mind is weaker.  This leads to low resolve, low energy and lower results.

I think this time change is a great opportunity for all of us to get outdoors and get fit.

It is time for a fresh start.


18 thoughts on “Is the Time Change a Chance For a Fresh Start?

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  2. Good luck brother. What a refrshing perspective when most of us bemoan the leap forward. Your blog serves a fresh reminder to take joy in the daylight and make the most of it. Im excited to follow your jorney and I am wishing you the very best.

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  3. I happened upon your blog today via a new follower on my own (#100 – Yay!!) and have been scrolling through your posts. I gotta tell ya that this post really hit me hard. I live with Central Core Disease, a condition that affects the skeletal muscles. I struggle with things like climbing, standing up, sitting up, running and jumping and my balance is affected, as well. CCD is not really progressive but age is! And as I get older (also, as I put on more weight), I find myself struggling more and more. I recently have begun physical therapy to see if I can gain any strength and it is so very frustrating. The results of exercising for me are not nearly what they are for “normal” folk. I want to give up almost daily because I cannot see significant improvement. Although I felt like you were stepping on my toes with your pitch for healthier living (Hey! You don’t even know me!! 😉 ), I did find encouragement in your words to continue on my journey to a stronger me: “A strong mind begins with a strong body… if the body is incredibly strong, then the mind will be stronger. Your Discipline will strengthen. Your Will will strengthen. Your Motivation will get stronger. Your Inspiration will get stronger. Your Resolve will get stronger.” Thank you!

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    • I am glad you found my words to be challenging and motivating. So you know, I live with MS so often times my posts are aimed directly at myself to keep me going and striving to be the healthiest I can be. Thank you for saying ‘hi’!

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