29 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/12/18

  1. I’m happy when it changes because we get longer days, more sun, and that allows me to work on the farm in daylight after I get home from work, instead of pitch dark and frigid. Oh, and it means spring is right around the corner too, so that a good thing as well.

    1. It excites me as well. Longer days means I can get things done after work, especially when I travel. It is nice to get back to the hotel, get changed and go to the driving range or something instead of sitting and watching TV.

  2. No, just a bit of a pain in the backside. I lived 10 years in Arizona without Daylight savings time, and didn’t miss it. The only thing was that the TV schedule was on California time and all changed.

  3. Love the Springing forward, as you say in your post time, to get up, get out and get fit for the summer yay 😀 Not so with the Falling back it heralds dark, cold miserable days ahead 😏

      1. Yes, it actually does. I already struggle with my sleeping patterns…so this really causes a struggle for me. It completely throws me off…but then anything dealing with my time can throw me off…

  4. It messes up my sleep cycle which makes me less productive. To compound it, here in Florida they have voted to not go back to standard time. That means we would be permanently in daylight savings time which would be odd. For part of the year, part of Florida would be ahead of the east coast by an hour and part of Florida that is currently on central time would be the same as the east coast. I guess there has to be federal approval of this move, but it will be strange is passed.

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