February | Little Wins of 2018

K Just Randomly Thought

I told you I was gonna write this one. Lol

  • Opened up to people who I think could be trusted about some things.
  • Galentine’s Day. Such a touching day. Empowering women all over the world. Need I say more?
  • Gave handwritten letters to my girl friends as inspired by one of my amazing best friends.
  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Sophia Bush liked my comment on her post. That was an ultimate fangirl moment! She’s the most amazing girl power role model I know!
  • And, well, Valentine’s. Thanks to friends who never let you feel alone on this kind of days. Not that it’s necessary to not be alone that day.
  • Feeling like I’ve matured over something I’d handled so poorly in the past. The operative word being: feeling.
  • Still bringing home-cooked lunch to the office!
  • Still using reusable bags in the market.
  • Oh! General cleaning, done! Been postponing that for quite…

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