Take the long way home.


Oddly, last week I wrote about hitting 100—-100 “career” drives since signing on to drive via the Uber app. At that point, my longest trip had been relatively modest—about 20-25 miles, and that had happened fairly regularly. That is, until today.

I started early, forgetting that the clock had sprung forward and we had lost an hour.  The app flipped on at about 6:30 a.m. coffee in hand, SiriusXM radio playing.    The pings started right away and I completed two relatively short trips.   The third ping was from the area of a local college, but I figured on a Sunday morning at the close of Spring Break it wasn’t an airport trip, but likely a breakfast run.    Remember, as an Uber driver you don’t know your destination until you arrive and swipe to begin your trip.

My rider was streetside with bags in tow.  Perhaps I had…

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1 thought on “Take the long way home.

  1. I feel so much better now. My first view of a clock Sunday was the modem on my desk across from my futon. It had been acting up so I thought it had reset itself to Eastern time! My part of Kentucky is Central time. It took me a few minutes to wake up enough to realize we were now in Daylight time, so I didn’t admit it until now. Thanks, Danny!

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