You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker

You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker


You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker…

A friend once said to me “Those who are busy rowing don’t have time to rock the boat.”

For some reason this adage has landed on me hard.  In today’s world you find there are people who are really good at manipulating and they are not always genuine when they make inquiries of what is going on in your world.  They seek out conversations to steal snippets, take them out of context and then use them as ammunition to slander.

You learn who these people are the hard way and I have learned.

So I have a brand new personal policy: I don’t talk about anything or anyone which doesn’t pertain to the exact job I’m doing and the exact person I’m working with.  If anyone ever approaches me about any topic that has nothing to do with me I immediately excuse myself from the conversation.

I figure that if I’m never a part of these types of conversations, then I can never get caught up in other people’s crap.

There are many people in life who are more concerned with other people’s business than they are in being the best they can be.  They invest a tremendous amount of energy in frivolous activities many of which are absolutely counterproductive to anyone being successful.

I work to be world-class at what I do and over the last 18 months I have become one of our best; and I’m proud of the hard work I’ve invested.  I focus on keeping my head down, doing my job to the best of my ability and getting results.

I don’t have time to rock the boat because I am too busy working and producing.

One eye-opening revelation for me has been that there are boat-rockers in positions throughout your life.  People want to talk about others (gossip).  A friend of mine calls it jealousy and I have witnessed it first-hand.  I don’t understand it because it isn’t in my nature to talk about people behind their back.

I have a lot to learn and a lot of people on which to keep my eye!

I guess the question we must all ask is…Am I a rower or am I a rocker?



10 thoughts on “You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker

  1. I’m in total agreement. It’s easier to just excuse self and keep peace as much as possible in your own space. I’ve learned this also keeps others from coming to you with things that are unnecessary, like a boundary has been created. And although the lesson being learned is often perplexing and painful, it is truly beneficial in the end to apply methods of self-care.

  2. Wise words. I am in complete agreement with you. As I have aged I have become much better at recognizing the “rockers”. Recently I sniffed out a person who was a pathological liar. I just began to avoid this person and if she tried to engage me I busied myself with other things. I actually consider she is such a prodigious liar that she it mentally ill. But the damage she has done to several people is considerable.

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