Still no apartment, epidural and bankruptcy

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

From a supposed move in time of March 1, no communication at all. Very frustrating. I know it doesn’t matter to them and we are just needy nobodies to them. Do they think I would put myself in this position if I didn’t have to. Very humiliating the treatment can be. I am afraid when they finally call to view the apartments I will be otherwise engaged in something I can’t change.

Still waiting for my court date for the bankruptcy. I did get the court number for my case, but still no date set.

I just had my 3rd lumbar epidural. I actually feel less pain this time. Maybe it will work this time and we can start on the neck. This time I did it with iv sedation and not a local. I never felt or knew it happened until they were waking me up. Costs more, but…

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