50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/18/18

  1. That’s a hard one. I think our own hypocrisy may be one of, if not the most difficult things to see in the mirror and believe. Being able, by dint of long practice as well as inclination to see more than one side of an issue makes it even more of a challenge. We want and need to believe in our own consistency.

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  2. I see no comments yet, scary! Shall I be the first to dip my toe into this quagmire? Yikes! You don’t ask much, Danny,…. just everything! Thinking about it I might say, wanting to be on both sides? I see both points of an issue but try to take one side over the other when necessary. Because being the older member of a family you have to, sometimes.

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  3. Being super supportive and non-judgmental of those close to me and being extremely hard on myself. In other words I dont show myself the same kindness I show to others. Ewww…thats never easy to say out-loud!

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  4. Ask my kids, they’ll give you a list. I try to be consistent but I change my mind all the time and second guess everything. Being wishy washy really leads to an appearance of hypocrisy.

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      • When plans change or things that were already in place fall out of place I don;t adjust quickly sometimes. It is one of the reasons I gave up my first career because it was always hard to plan things like a vacation. I could make plans and then would have to abandon them. There was always a high level of uncertainty. I didn’t do too well with that.


  5. I call myself an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I get very worn out from socializing, and yet compared to most of my introvert friends I am extremely social. I’ll arrange lunches with people, participate in leadership positions in groups, and participate in events just because I can. Finding a healthy balance can be hard.

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  6. Myself. I feel like I always set myself up for failure and heart break, and I have no idea how to move past that. I become so attached to people and things that when people leave and I know I won’t ever be able to see or talk to them again, and won’t k ow what’s going on in their lives, I feel like a part of me dies. It recently happened again, and then I found out that this guy I was with was actually married and his wife has no idea that he cheated. I always get so emotionally involved and find it hard to move on, but when I look back years later I realize I have. But I still find myself being hypocritical about how I handle things and how much my thoughts control me and consume any happiness or calmness I have.

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