37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/21/18

  1. Okay I’m a doctor, nurse, maid, taxi & bus driver, psychiatrist, friend, sister, daughter, chef, accountant, wife…last but not least, that’s right I’m a mom/homemaker and I love, love, love what I do and my life ❤

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      • I’m sure I can think of a few more. Today is the birthday of a my son, Sean Patrick… He was only with us for a few short hours, but his life made me realize how important my life and job as a mother and homemaker really is. I’m truly blessed and it’s been a privilege to be a mother. I made light of it but it truly is a very important job. Blessings


  2. Well, my day job is Occupational Therapist. My second job is running our little farm. And we sell some art work here and there. And we flip antiques and collectibles here and there.

    Oh, and I’m an unpaid banker/chauffeur/psychologist/motivational speaker/educator for three young men. 😃

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  3. retired drug and alcohol counselor, batterer interventionist, probation /parole officer and heavy equipment operator..I also owned a women’s boutique for a few years….and I was associate pastor of a small free-will baptist church for ten years! Go figure….now I flip furniture by refurbishing junk into chic pieces…

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    • Interesting past. I once owned a vintage furniture wholesale warehouse where I bought mid century modern and vintage pieces to wholesale to furniture artists like yourself!


      • HaHa! Well the whole thing of labelling the bigger and “safer” equities/stocks as “blue chip” is pretty funny. The blue chip was the most expensive chip in the casino in Monte Carlo! I did enjoy trading. But I don’t have an addictive personality and I really do not enjoy gambling.

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  4. I used to teach English to high school and university students. But since the birth of my third child, I stay at home and do marketing and promotion for my husband’s dog training school. And I write a blog, and I’m currently working on a book project.

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  5. My husband and I are small business owners. But my blog is anonymous, so I don’t say exactly what our businesses are. It’s wonderful though! Lots of headaches, but also lots of time spent together (which is a great thing!)

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      • True. My husband had worked almost 18 years at a high-level, corporate job. He had way too much stress and knew for months he needed to leave. He researched what he wanted to do, and when he was ready, left his job. It was scary but we’re both really happy he made the leap!


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