Riding a Table.


Riding a horse is not the same as riding a motorcycle.  This is something that my Florida coach Lou Denizard is always reminding me. “No motorcycling!” When he says that I know I have just ridden a bad corner or circle. Let me explain.

The horse had four legs just like a table.

2017 Champs-0822

When you go round a corner you want to remember those four legs, like the ‘rider’ on the left and not be thinking you are on two wheels like the ‘biker’ on the right!

If I am on a table, going round a corner or on a circle. then I will remain upright and not be leaning to the inside of the circle or corner, I will have my weight evenly distributed on both of my seat bones, not just on the one that is on the inside. And most importantly my horse can maintain spinal integrity.

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