Fall potentially dangerous

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

I fell this morning. I caught myself on my bed wrenching my back, but at least I hit the bed and not the other furniture or the floor itself. My balance is definitely an issue.

We just had a pretty heavy snowstorm. My dad and son dug us out.

My bankruptcy court date is April 16th in a town I detest, Camden NJ. Not a good town to be in. All of this for about 5 minutes before the judge most likely. I know it isn’t long. Hopefully no one wants to sue me and make me hire my attorney at attorney fees. It didn’t happen last time and hopefully won’t happen this time. You can file, but that doesn’t mean the creditor has to accept it. It really isn’t worth their time because they usually don’t win. I have nothing to pay them with, but it will cause me…

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