Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Unsaturated Fats

Purple Almond Wellness

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a nutrient blog. The last time was on January 25, and that was only a review, which you can find HERE. So, let’s jump right back in, with a short reminder of what this series is about.

This series is designed to break down each essential nutrient to the human body. When we define “ESSENTIAL”, we mean the human body CANNOT make it on it’s own. Therefore, we get it from outside sources of food or supplements or the sun, in the case of Vitamin D.

Thus far, I’ve covered the following:

And that’s where we’ll continue on today, with Unsaturated fats… FIRST…let’s talk briefly about fats, or lipids, before we hit unsaturated fats.

Fats and oils fall into a class of…

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