To a girl, from a girl…

Ramblings of a wallflower

Darling girl, I know the world sometimes looks scary and hauntingly large. I know life becomes too overwhelming at times and all you want to do is to curl up to a ball and hide. I know the nights sometimes become a little too dark and the monsters snarl all around. I know that sometimes day light doesn’t do much good either.

But my darling, I also know that you have the strength and courage inside you to fight it all. I know that you are as brave as that heroine you always look up to. I know you yearn to be heard and listened to so shout out loud, embrace the beauty that you are, tap in to the wildness in you, take a deep breath and jump.

Don’t just hope that someday it’ll be better, that someday it’ll be easier. Strap on those heels and go out to…

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