My Friends Are Beginning To Die

DannyMy friends are beginning to die…

There’s this thing that begins to happen as you get older…people around you begin dying.  Each week it seems that I see someone I knew in the obit section of the local paper.  I’ve heard people talk about this phenomenon in the past, but then I was younger I didn’t put much thought into it.  But, now I am in that place in life and it is a bit unsettling.

Last week I saw two updates on Facebook that 2 people I have known for nearly 20 years had both passed away.  One guy was in his seventies and the other in his sixties.  I will admit that it puts life in perspective quickly and has reminded me that I’ll be 60 before I realize.

For those of you who follow my page who are in the early years of life (twenties), don’t take your youth for granted.  Now I understand that youth will always be taken for granted as you cannot appreciate being young until you are older; life has a funny way of being ironic.

Nonetheless I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my mortality lately and I’m not sure how I feel about getting older.  It is a weird sensation reading about friend after friend dying.


32 thoughts on “My Friends Are Beginning To Die

  1. I think it’s only normal to think about mortality as we get older, particularly as our kids grow up, our patents age or pass on (I’ve lost both mine now) and we look at life differently. It makes me appreciate every day even more so.

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  2. I am 45 now. But I began to feel the effect of mortality in my early thirties because of the same reason you have now — some of my mentors began to die, and then few years later, some members of our family.

    I had a mix feelings about it. On one hand, I was afraid I would be next; on the other hand, I was excited to reach the next age milestone — even though I knew that getting old would bring me nearer to death. I still remember when I turned 30, I was excited to reach 40. So I waited 10 years. Lol! During those years, I did everything I could to grow myself as a matured adult. Now that I’m 45, I’m excited to reach the 50 and the 60 age milestone. And I have 15 years to prepare myself. 😂

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  3. I’ve been to at least ten funerals since January, and only two of them were in their eighties. The youngest was a five year old girl who died from meningitis. The others all died from some form of cancer or other.After having a bit of a scare myself in February, I’m living each day to the full. You just never know. xxx

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  4. It’s scary for sure. Being 40, “the end” has crossed my mind numerous times. It’s hard to explain it to kids, too. My father in law passed away a little over a year ago. My 2 kids were very close to him. It certainly made it very real for us.

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  5. I lost a grandfather when I was young. But back then, I thought it was “normal”, because he was “old”. I didn’t really grasp it then. But during my uni years I lost a couple of my colleagues. That was … quite an experience. Ever since then I’ve been “weary”. With every death around me I stop for a bit longer and think and appreciate. But then every other day I’m aware of it, too. It’s just not at the forefront.
    Live with no regrets.

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  6. Fully understand this one Danny. At school life seems untouchable, as life goes by and school friends find the end then those of us left feel mortality weakening. I lost a friend I’d had since five to prostrate cancer, several more to incurable diseases. Oldsters I knew gradually thinning out. More funerals than weddings. It’s very sobering and instills a sense of do things while we are still fit and able. Keep that chin up my friend, life is never kind when it comes to bereavement…and yet, it is what life is about ultimately.

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  7. My husband lost five friends in 2017. It was a tough one for him. A couple were older than him and three were near his age. He just turned 71. I will be 69 in June. I have already lost friends and relatives. But I am still here and I feel it is important to make the most of every day. I focus on that and it seems to work. I am lucky that I am still alive and well.

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