I No Longer Have the Mind From My Youth


I No Longer Have the Mind From My Youth.

Opening day of the Major League Baseball season was yesterday and my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, played at 4 pm.   I did not watch the game, but caught up on the highlights on ESPN this morning; they lost 6-4.  Learning that I didn’t watch the game may not have meaning to you, but there is significance in this fact to me.

When I was younger sports was a huge part of my life.  I followed my teams with a tremendous amount of passion, living and dying with every game.  There was a MLB season in the mid-2000s in which I watched 150 of the 162 games.  I was die-hard.

So not watching the game was significant because it highlights how my life has changed over the last 6 years or so.  I don’t watch sports that much anymore as I did when I was younger and I’m okay with it.  I am a casual fan now, watching highlights on Sports Center or fast forwarding through a recorded game on rare occasions.

This morning when I saw the Sox lost it had little, if any, impact on me.  It simply doesn’t matter any more.  I have realized my energy must be focused on other things; more important things.  It is funny how we change in this manner.  Things that were important when I was 20 were not important when I was 33, and things that were “critical” at 33 are not important as I stare 50 in the eyes.

Someone once told me, “When you are young you want a Porsche, but by the time you can afford the Porsche you want to drive a Cadillac.”  This is definitely true for me.


8 thoughts on “I No Longer Have the Mind From My Youth

  1. I will be 46 next week. I LOVE that I no longer have the mind of my youth. I love that I have focus on the things that are more meaningful and that I can live with no regret and with gratitude. Even though the depression and anxiety I have are more of a challenge now than ever I tackle them both.
    I just want a car that the AC will work in after we paid 1000 dollars to fix it!!!
    We have a 1994 volvo station wagon and a 1996 volvo. Safety was what we wanted and so even though one has horse teeth marks on the hood and a dent in the side where I skimmed a bank pillar!!!! We don’t wish for more. We hope for my body to hold out longer. We hope for different things. I do wonder if my husband still wants a porsche…I will have to ask him. If he had to choose I am sure he’d want a vehicle we could put a lift on for my scooter any day of the week

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