Bipolar Disorder 1 under control for over 6 months now with this new medicine cocktail

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Aside from the Cymbalta this is the only other cocktail that has worked. Sometimes I miss the mania, but basically it is better without it and all the mood changes.

And this one lets me sleep. No real side effects and sleep. Some days though I sleep way more than necessary, but I take it. I don’t want to mess with this cocktail and screw it up trying to make it better.

Bankruptcy court April 16th in a town I hate to drive in and includes highways which really scare me.

Next epidural is April 17th and on the neck this time. Back is not taking. She says she has other things we can try besides the surgery so I am to quit worrying about that for now. Neck is getting worse and have a problem with numbness (or pins and needles as it should be called).

Still nothing from…

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