SLS 4/01/18 – “Those Were The Days”

Being Lydia!

This week Helen, at “This Thing Called Life, One Word At A Time“, picked “Days” as her topic for Song Lyric Sunday.

I knew my song the instant I saw the topic. “Those Were The Days” by Mary Hopkin is a song that just about anyone can relate to. Even though on the surface it may seem depressing, it is about how dreams in youth don’t go away. They just get buried in reality.

I recently reconnected with many of my friends from high school. With 40 years in between, a lot has happened to change and mold us. However, I can see a lot of sameness as well. One friend, who I had a bond with over his love for drawing and mine for writing, stands out. While our paths went in ways we didn’t expect, we never lost those passions.

I have included all of the verses…

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