Desiderata–You Are a Child of the Universe

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Sitting on beach Child of the Universe

Happy Saturday and last day of February, 2015! I had to share this post again with this back story.

I had some business on my university campus last summer and as I stood in line, a young woman in front of me sported a tattoo with some of the words from this poem: “You are a child of the universe…” Both our jaws dropped when I asked her if this was from Desiderata, then finished the sentence, “…no less than the trees and the stars…” I was surprised I remembered it.

She must have picked up the poem from her parents, so much so that she dedicated those words onto her shoulder and upper arm. Truly a throwback to the seventies!

If you were around in the 1970s, this poem was so popular it became a  song on the radio. If you were a…

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