Grief… the guilt

Aria-Bella Rises

tesx and ruby

It has been 8 full moons since my little right hand pooch left his body. 8 months of me processing, feeling, hiding and dealing with grief in all of its forms.

Here is some learning that I have taken from it… this applies to anyone whether they have lost a pet, a friend, a family member and not even necessarily in death, as lets face it, grief can come even with it is only the ‘death’ of something – that still means that person or situation is still alive.


Some days you can go through the day without even thinking about the situation or person/pet that is no longer physically with you. You can smile and feel like your heart is semi, fully intact. And then a huge hammer comes down and blows it all to smithereens, and you feel guilt – guilt at being happy and okay because…

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