When Did I Become the Old Guy?

When Did I Become the Old Guy?


When Did I Become the Old Guy?

There is the funny thing that I have noticed in my life lately: youngsters are calling me “sir”.  Now some might be shocked that I have been around young people who have manners, but that isn’t my point.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten to a place where I’m not viewed as being young by someone who is young.

You see, in my mind I still view myself as an energetic 28-year-old.  Barring a few aches and pains I see myself as being instantly ready for full-court basketball.  Or possibly a wrestling match.  Or even 54 holes of golf.  I’m ready to conquer the world.  Jump in a car at any moment for a last-minute road trip.

And then my mental self-image is crushed with a “Thank you sir.”  or “Sir, would you like XXX.”

And it is at that moment that my mind begins to compare and it is in that moment that the comparison falls woefully short.  I am no longer 28 years old.  I can no longer play 54 holes of golf in one day.  I cannot play full-court basketball.  And I’m okay with that.  I’ve adjusted over the years to my life and I have peace with my life and where it is headed.

I guess it is a little difficult to admit that I am no longer young and cannot do the things I did in my youth.  I don’t have a problem with not being young so why does it sting a little to be called “sir”?

“It takes a long time to become young.”  Pablo Picasso


44 thoughts on “When Did I Become the Old Guy?

      1. I already have. Lol!
        That’s why you’re not alone. 😊

        Three days ago when I visited an old family friend I experienced the same thing. Those in the early-30s and below were calling me “sir” no matter how much I protested. So I gave in. I just accepted that to them I am now a sir. 😂😂

  1. I understand completely. I think it’s because you have to admit it. I hate being called ma’am when it used to be just accepting I was young and no titles were attached. Now I see it more every day. But I’m good with it. ☺

  2. My friends and I talk about this a lot! Especially as our kids get married, and start having their own babies. That being said, we are all still up for late-night shenanigans…well as long as we are home and in bed by 10. 😉

  3. I can relate. I’ve analyzed this topic myself, and like you said – it’s because of how you feel on the inside. Age is but a number. I’m not in denial of my age, but am a tiny bit shocked when younger people acknowledge it.

    It’s like judging a book by it’s cover. You see an old cover, but you don’t know that is just an antique, holding pure white, fresh pages still smelling of print.

      1. It is hard, gosh when I think of how old I am, I can hardly believe it myself. Then my granddaughter proudly announces I am 60 years older than her exactly! You’ve gotta love kids honesty.

  4. I’m 47. I grew my beard out for the first time in 18 years this year and it’s white. I’m not really for or against it, it just is. I don’t like being called “sir” either, but last night my 17 year old son addressed me as “Dude.” I don’t really care for that either.

  5. I don’t feel any different now than I did when I was 27. After raising a family of 6, I like that things are slowing down. My mom was a nurse and she had such common sense about things like this. I was talking to her one day about cosmetic surgery and keeping yourself looking young. She always told me if everything is working, don’t go trying to fix something when it isn’t broken. Let yourself and your body age how it is going to. That’s the way it’s meant to happen. I say now mom was right. My girlfriends who had cosmetic surgery (when they were young and didn’t even need it) now are regretting their choice. You are looking good Mr.dray0308…;)

  6. “Now some might be shocked that I have been around young people who have manners, but that isn’t my point.” Okay, you wrote it before I could. I love manners. Hello? I’m from the South. But, I feel you. I look in the mirror and wonder who the hell that old lady, lovely though she may be, is starin’ back at me. But with seven children once along my apron strings, I figure I’ve earned every line and wrinkle. Good on me. And you, sir. xox

  7. I don’t know about sainthood, but I am likely to be covered in the grandchildren department. Thank you for always brightening my day with wit and wisdom. I really enjoy “dreaming big and often” with you! xox

  8. For me it is fine to be called “ma’am”. What worries me is when they will start calling me “miss” or even worse “young lady”. That is when I will know that I am not just old but elderly and frail. That is what they call elderly women who are in nursing homes, hospitals, wheelchairs. At 68 I am “old” but I am not giving up and I do better at the gym and on my horse than people 20 years younger than me. Maybe I’m just in denial.

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