Free At Last

2 R Better Than 1

Pozniak and I woke up early and slipped into the latrine without waking the other girls. We were the first two with orders to leave San Antonio.We wanted to look good on our big day, so we pulled out our curling irons and did our hair for the first time in months. I applied a little make up and wore lipstick too. I almost didn’t recognize the confident young woman staring back at me in the mirror.

Next, I freed my single braid, separated a portion in front, and cut bangs for myself. That would look really cute with my beret and blues. Then I braided the rest of my hair into a single braid and pinned it under neatly so that it wouldn’t touch my shirt collar — didn’t want to be out of 35-10 on my first day of freedom.

As we were getting dressed, Mary and Langdok…

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