Model and Author Lily Bailey’s Harrowing Recovery from OCD

Peace from Panic

Lily Bailey1Photo credit: Haseeb Riaz

I’m so excited to write this post and introduce Lily Bailey, a gorgeous model and writer from London. It seems nearly impossible that this beautiful 24-year-old successful woman suffers from a chronic, debilitating mental health condition.

But mental illness does not discriminate — it can affect anyone.

Lily has struggled with severe obsessive compulsive disorder since childhood. She’s written a compelling memoir, Because We Are Bad: OCD and a Girl Lost in Thought. I just read an advance copy and absolutely loved this powerful and beautifully written book.

OCD is often misunderstood. I have to admit, before I read Because We Are Bad, I thought of the disorder as merely repetitive actions and constant checking. Lily did those things. She’s washed her hands hundreds of thousands of times. When she was young, she’d stay up half the night checking to make sure her baby…

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