The Best Natural Antidepressant Ever!

Being Lydia!

I saw a meme on Facebook today that made me smile because I understood it completely. It said:

“Do I believe in love at first sight? Absolutely! I fall in love with every dog I meet.”

The featured image is our precious puppy, Miley. She really is the sweetest thing. Those eyes will make you melt every time. She is more than just “a dog”, she is very child-like and brings pure joy to our lives constantly.

However, this past week she has brought us three times more joy as we have connected with three more families who adopted from Miley’s litter of six. We all live in the same metro area and are trying to get the four puppies back together. In chatting with the other “parents” and seeing pictures of their pups it is easy to see that they are all very much the same and yet have their…

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