Gimpy the SideKick




                With crutches and a knee immobilizer slowing me down, I was completely worthless following my recent knee surgery. My superhero of a husband did everything from dinner, cleaning, and laundry to playing zookeeper for our animals. His superhero strengths paralleled the likes of Superman-if he fought off villains such as dirt, dust and hunger. I was his Gimpy Lois Lane and he waited on me hand and foot. My 6’2” man of steel possessed superhuman kindness and enough sense to defer my requests for a bell.

                 About two weeks into my recovery, there was an ominous knock at our door. Unlike last week, it wasn’t the Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses or even Avon calling. No, it was much worse. It was heinous. It was foul. It was…. the evil norovirus. Unfortunately, my husband…

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