39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/9/18

  1. As a young child, I was pretty much a loner…. I wrote “magazines”, recorded myself making radio programs and hung around with adults a lot.

      1. Hehehe maybe I should have given that a try… I always worked on the phone, and people say I have a pleasant voice. Plus, I would probably earn more if I left technical support for a radio show 😉

  2. Too many to name … hide and seek, hop scotch, jacks, jump rope, fox across the river, kick ball, twister, any and every board game but especially Checkers or Parcheesi

      1. It was version of tag. The front yards in my neighborhood had sidewalks up the middle, lawns on both sides. Whoever was IT stood on the sidewalk, could run up and down but could step off into the grass. The foxes were everyone else would jump across the “river” and avoid being tagged. If you touched the sidewalk and/or got tagged, you were he next IT. The imagination of children 🙂

  3. My Dad and I would play “train games” on the living room floor. We had two toy trains and two dolls ( both dressed in dungarees) that were the engineers. They would drive the trains through mountain passes, snow storms, landslides and finally arrive at their destination. Here they would go to the Teddy Bear’s Club ( my entire collection of Teddys would be there) and have a nice cup of tea before turning to travel back.

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