What Happened When I Let Go

Peace from Panic

Go on road trips

Sometimes I forget.

I forget to be mindful, relax and enjoy life, and remember that everything will be fine.

My husband Alex and I have been making some big business and financial decisions lately, and I admit, it’s stressful. It’s a roller coaster — I go from being calm and excited one minute, to anxious and worried the next.

I prefer life to be simple and unchanged. Alex is more of a risk taker (although a very careful and logical one), and he enjoys change. I fully trust him and know I need to step out of my comfort zone more often.

I’m confident it’ll all work out. Change is good and inevitable. There’s a time to remain stagnant and a time to move forward.

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Okay, I know all that, but still… I’m nervous.

This past weekend, Alex and I decided to go out for the day in a convertible…

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