42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/13/18

    1. It can be hard for me also. But after years of holding on to stuff it only does me damage. It wears on my mind so therefore I’m learning to leave it in the past and move on with my future. I put it on them and release myself of the emotional burden.

  1. Generally, yes, but it can take some time. Often, I think, we first need to forgive our self for getting into the situation. Holding a grudge is a way of not doing that. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean not seeking justice or amends, and definitely not forgetting.

    1. I just clear my mind completely. For me “not forgetting” is a way to continue to hang on to little remnants of the situation. I try to forgive and forget and move on.

  2. Yes. I forgive without them asking, but generally cut-off communications. If they ask for forgiveness, I will continue communications. If they repeat the offense, I cut them off. Forgiveness comes easy when we realize that it doesn’t mean being the offender’s beating pole. “Gentle as a dove, wise as a serpent” is advice that is heeded. A serpent is cold-blooded. It knows when it’s too hot to remove itself where it is cool, and if it’s too cool to remove itself where it can be warm.

  3. I don’t hold grudges but, yes there is a but, If I get an apology I let it go. If not and we are not speaking then that’s their choice, not mine. I can move on with no regrets. If I am wrong I will always apologize. If they accept fine, if not I move on with no regrets.

  4. No, not really. Well, I guess it really depends, now that I think about it. What trust did they break? Is it repeatedly repeated? Did someone cheat on me, or did they show up late for something? Lie to me over and over, or eat the sandwich I brought for lunch? The formers in those examples? Forgiveness wouldn’t come easily. The latters? Eh. No biggie. Ya’ know?

    1. This question is a fun one. I know some people who will bring something up from years ago that I don’t recall, but I can tell they’ve been holding on to it forever. Human behavior is incredible. Most people believe they do things which their actions show they do not. I am waiting for someone to say, “No I hold on to stuff for years.” lol You are one of the first to be honest and say no.

  5. It should be easier than it is for me. But nonetheless I do forgive. Often for selfish reasons…I just want to move on and not put any more energy into whatever the slight or wrong was.

    1. I am finding therapy to be really helpful in talking through past situations and then verbalizing my forgiveness. Even without the person there it helps.

    1. That was the point of my post yesterday. When we hold on to things it only negates our ability to truly find joy and peace. All of those little things add up and they build up like a clog in a sink. I think we all need some spiritual and emotional Liquid Plummer.

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