Sometimes Your Freedom Is Found In Forgiveness


Sometimes Your Freedom Is Found In Forgiveness…

One of the easiest things to do is ignore or neglect a relationship in which you need to demonstrate forgiveness.  I can think of one immediately that I’m kind of doing this.

Forgiving someone can be easy if the person has not perpetrated something devious and if the person has a long track record with you.  But if someone does something awful or spiteful, then forgiving them can be really difficult.  And forgiveness doesn’t always happen if the offender does not apologize.  So there we are, offended, hurt, angry, upset, sad.  No one says “I’m sorry” and no one says “I forgive you”.  Now life moves on and the offender might not think twice about the occurrence.  You, however, think about it for a while and eventually kind of move on; so you think.

But every time you see said person you instantly recall what they did and you instantly relive the event with all the emotional side dishes.

Here’s the crazy thing…most of us have tons of these types of occurrences happen to us over the course of our life.  We relive a lot of happenings like the one I described.  It makes me wonder what the long-term impact is of holding all these events inside instead of exorcising these demons and letting them go?

Why do we hold on to these things?  Family disagreements that result in estrangement for years and years.  Lost friendships over an argument  that we cannot recall the original reason we started arguing.

Anyway, my point is to say it might be time to forgive; even if the other person hasn’t asked for forgiveness.  Why hold on to the emotions?  Why should you be the one to carry the emotional baggage?  It doesn’t make sense to me that most of us do this.

Forgiveness is a two-way street and is not contingent on an apology.


9 thoughts on “Sometimes Your Freedom Is Found In Forgiveness

  1. I know how to forgive, I’m usually the one who says I’m sorry. My dad died 2 years ago and really hurt me. I won’t go into the painful details, but I really doubt I’ll ever forgive him. I’m glad he’s gone. He was a terrible father and he left a legacy that is full of pain and anger. He also managed to destroy our family along with his evil wife. I really hope there is another side and I get to have my say. I’m by myself now and I’m okay with that. My life is better w/o those people who did more harm to my life than good. I learned so many valuable lessons because of them. Blood really doesn’t matter in all situations. I keep only those that truly love me close. It’s not hard to figure out who they are and who are the snakes…What goes around comes around in the end and it will.

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    • We each have our life to live and we must be careful in who we allow to be close. For me, I’m learning to forgive others for things I’ve held to for a long time. It has done nothing but nag at me internally which isn’t healthy. It takes up too much of my energy to not forgive and move on.


      • I know all about nagging at you. I really pray a lot to God to take this from me and it usually helps. But being denied by the man who was suppose to love you, be a dad, protect you. Well to have him hurt you, his grandkids, and son-in-law just doesn’t deserve anything but what I hope he’s getting. The only thing I’m sorry for is that I share his dna b/c that’s the only thing he gave me. Thank God I’m nothing like him at all…

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  2. I’ve forgiven so many times. Just wish I could forget the betrayal that went hand in hand with the problem. I wish I could trust the person who proved herself untrustworthy many times over. Only after five times did I cut her out of my life, and then only because I couldn’t afford to subsidize her lifestyle any longer.

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  3. Hi Dray0308, I just want to let you know I was having a moment yesterday. The husband was gone on a business trip (Las Vegas, Monkey Business) and I had to stay home and keep the home fires burning…I usually don’t vent quite that much, about well you know the dad thing, so please forgive me. This is my happy place and you guys are my family. I hope you will forgive me for being so negative 🙂 The husband’s home, OMG and I’m back to my old self. I hate when he’s gone, I’m just not myself. He’s my other half and it’s the happy half. I had circus peanuts and pretzels for dinner one night, OMG really it’s good he’s home ❤

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