Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/16/18


Let me ask you a question:

Why do humans struggle so mightily with simple things like getting along?

35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/16/18

  1. Wow, that’s a tough question and I am the first to answer it! I have actually been thinking about this very thing lately and I think perception and communication are culprits. I have notice that people shut down if they think you have done something wrong (instead of trying to clarify). Then this makes you feel animosity towards them because you don’t know what you did to get the silent treatment.

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  2. I think people, in general, want to be right more than anything else. So that would obviously make getting along difficult. I also think that for the most part people let things fester instead of dealing with whatever the issue is. For some reason there is a deep fear in confrontation with people close to us. This leads to resentment and frustration….and irritated people walking around the world.

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  3. Yes, it is sure a tough question. Well, I guess in this world people have likes and dislikes.
    For example, Equality it is going to take more then just pulling down a law for people to see they are equal. ( In the sociology lecture there is a discussion about social stratification. Have nothing to do with this but it is somehow similar) Just imagine everybody on their own and no law. People will still hate each other because this means rights to other things you know. I guess people will never be satisfied.
    Have you just entered the room and just hated that person standing next to you? Why does this happen??

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  4. This is a tough one, could be a lot of reasons. But the first thing that came to my mind is that many people want to be right, want to prove they’re right. And if someone is consumed with being right, they fail to be open minded and see the other’s point of view.

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  5. I feel like it’s because everyone is so stuck in believing that their preconceived notions of what is right are the only way to see things. Most people can’t accept that other people have a right to an opinion which they are allowed to hold whether or not it agrees with yours.

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