Cyranny's Cove

– I hate to see you hurting, Love…

Vohne’s jaw clenched as he moved a bit closer. He desperately tried to reassure her, but every movement caused tremendous pain he could barely hide.

-As long as I’m in pain, I’m alive!

He was right. She couldn’t argue with the obvious… Cibelle kept stroking the blade on the leather strap. When the sun would rise again, she would have to take his place and provide for both of them.

She had never killed before. She had almost gotten herself killed. And Vohne had almost lost his life because of her, but she had never taken a life, and it made her nervous.

She was a child of the forest… And couldn’t fathom the thought of killing to stay alive. But she had fed Vohne everything they had left. And the ice on the lake was still too thick to even hope…

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