Too Close For Comfort

Reclaiming HOPE

Too Close For Comfort

“Should we head down to the basement?” I asked the question because although our cell phones were blaring a tornado warning, the weather man had just said the National Weather Service had cancelled tornado warnings in the areas around us and I thought maybe it was just a false alarm. As soon as the words left my mouth, though, I heard hail start to hit the roof. “Yep, time to go.” I answered my own question. After putting the chinchilla in her travel carrier and wrangling our two puggles, we headed down the basement stairs.

As we got to the bottom of the stairs, we looked out the basement windows and all we could see was white. Suddenly we were standing in pitch blackness as the power went off and at the same time, all hell was breaking loose outside. Of course we were away from the windows, but we could…

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