In Times of Trouble My Horse Tribe is There!


“Biasini is….not too well.” Those are words no horse owner wants to hear.  “Not well” usually means that they have some level of colic. Colic is an intestinal upset that can, in some cases, require surgery and can be fatal. So to get that call from the barn last Monday afternoon was not good. My coach’s assistant Lynsey Rowan continued. “He didn’t eat his afternoon meal and he’s pawing and flipping his lip. He’s not in real distress but he’s not right.”

“Call Rob.” Was my reply.  Rob Remlinger is my vet.  I got in the car and drove to the barn. When I arrived Lynsey was walking Biasini. I took over. When Rob arrived he took Biasini’s vitals. All were within normal parameters. That was a good sign. He gave him a small dose of a pain reliever and I continued to walk him. Then Rob did a rectal…

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