Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/23/18


Let me ask you a question:

What is something most people learn only after it is too late?

32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/23/18

      • Sure! I think we lose our patience too quickly, only to realize that a calm response would have yielded better outcomes and fewer injured feelings.

        I struggle with patience a good deal—particularly with my oldest child. She does best when I can maintain patience, but I fail more than I’d like. It usually happens when I’m worn out, sick, or under great stress. It’s something I keep working on because I value my relationship with my children and my husband.

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  1. I’m not sure how to say this but the short answer is…to be honest.

    Longer answer….People are so quick to lie because they don’t want to hurt or disappoint or often times make someone mad. But I think that more often than not the issue that they are lying about would be easier to deal with, less upsetting, less hurtful than the lie itself is.

    I live by this saying ‘No matter how badly you screw up, there is always a chance you can fix things if you tell the truth’

    It’s almost impossible to ever truly get whole trust back and people learn that lesson too late.

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    • This is a tough one for me to wrap my head around. Only because I have to feel like I’m in control a little bit to keep me motivated. When I think about impermanence life begins to feel a bit pointless.

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      • Yeah, its a big concept for me too. I work at this a lot especially when Im trying to really control. I was (sometimes still am) such a perfectionist and so hard on myself, that this concept was one of the tools I had to incorporate into my life. Whoa…did I just admit that “out-loud?” 😁

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