Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/26/18


Let me ask you a question:

What is it like being you right now?

31 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 4/26/18

  1. Pretty darned good to be me at the moment. Health is good. Horse is well. Husband is well. Adult children are well and happy. What more can I ask for? And I am , at this age and stage , very happy in my own skin.

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  2. What a question! Actually I’m full, tired, and recovering from a chilly soccer game. The opposing team parents sat on each side of us on our side of the field being rude, but they were nicer this year than last. What is up with people?😳

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  3. BUT! I have a fantastic piece of news about Jesse and the MLB. They sent J an authenticated game ball from Monday night’s game. It was the first ball thrown by his favorite player, signed, recorded and in a glass case with a commemoration imprinted. Now how’s that for good news? What a week it’s been!💜

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