Radical honesty: I thought I know it all

Life Balance

Radical Honesty is a concept described by a Ph.D. psychologist Brad Blanton.  In 1996 he published a book called “Radical Honesty: How to transform your life by telling the truth”, which was translated into 7 languages and became a best seller.

Last night I went to a local “Radical honesty” event, led by a coach who is coached directly by Brad.

Before yesterday I thought that Im honest, quite confident in my own skin, and totally ready for anything that may come up.

When the meeting started, I was the first one to introduce myself. The first one to say what I expect from this meeting. Because hey, I did it so many times, all those circles, gatherings and all that personal development stuff. Nothing can surprise me anymore. I am so freaking confident, and I love it.

5 mins later I could not believe what was happening. I thought that my personal…

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