A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested


A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…

For those of you who saw my post last week, I had to go to the doctor due to some digestive issues and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  Simply stated, UC is a condition close to, but not the same as, Crohn’s Disease.

The day after my diagnosis Evelina and I immediately cleaned our cupboards and began to completely restructure our diet.

And before I get too deep I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who PM’d me on Facebook, emailed and commented with words of support.  It means a ton to me and I don’t take you for granted.

I have to be careful in my food choices as anything with a lot of fiber content cause intense stomach pains.  At times the pain feels like tons of stabs in my stomach.  Thus far I have discovered I can have eggs, enriched yellow grits and enriched White Mountain bread from Publix.  For lunch I’m eating chicken breast with zero spices and a baked potato without the skin.  Dinner usually involves fish with avacado and cabbage or something similar.

You can see the list of what I cannot eat here.

This food change is going to be a huge challenge, but things could be worse.  After two weeks I must admit my palette is changing already and things that tasted bland before are tasting great now.  The other eye-opening experience has been exposure to the under-world of dairy substitutes.  I had no idea that there were so many non-dairy food types.  Holy cow!

Last night we tried gluten-free taco wraps with fish, avacado and cabbage slaw using a gluten-free mayo.  The wraps were so bad we will be returning those to the store.  And as you guessed, we ate our fish tacos without taco shells; which sucked.

Last week I had an appointment with a client to discuss his company’s marketing campaign and we decided to take a break and grab lunch.  I decided to have grilled shrimp with no spice and a baked potato and the shrimp killed me.  So needless to say shrimp is off my list for now and unfortunately that is how I figure out what I can and cannot eat.

Eventually I hope to come up with 3-4 food options for each meal of the day, but until then eggs, grits, chicken and baked potatoes it is.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


39 thoughts on “A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested

  1. I know what a challenge finding the right diet can be! I have a number of conditions, and pretty much everything they tell me I should eat for one is very bad for the other. Sometimes I feel like all there is left is cauliflower! I am going to see a nutritionist to help me figure out the happy medium. Good luck. Let us know if you find some good tasting recipes. Please.

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  2. It is amazing to find how good things taste when you’re hungry. The blander foods agree with me as well. And I find eating out especially fast food is a killer. Good restaurants will do what you ask, cook without butter, etc. You have to do the trial and error approach, learn who will accommodate your needs. Eggs are a twofold great food.

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  3. I am sorry to hear this, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 2 years ago. Fortunately she is able to manage it with medication. I hope you are able to find a way to manage this and be happy!

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  4. I was diagnosed with same in December. It’s a leaning lesson daily. Have noticed lately coffee has been a problem. Living from a truck has not helped. Have found greasy veggies and chicken breast to be a staple in my meals. No bread at all. Nothing white is what I was told so I try to keep to it.

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  5. I’ve recently gone gluten free and have had my own struggles at first but it is much easier now. One thing that surprised me is what you said, “After two weeks I must admit my palette is changing already and things that tasted bland before are tasting great now.” My tastes have changed dramatically…

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