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‘Immaculate’ is probably my favourite Francis Dunnery song.  I love the tune, the lyrics,  his voice, the imagery, the nostalgia and the tingles that I get every time I listen to it.  It is hard to pick a favourite song as it can depend on the mood, the season, the weather, life events, the time of day or night.  But, for me, ‘Immaculate’ is right up there – one of the soundtracks of my life.  I highly recommend that you listen to it, it might just become one of your faves too.  It featured on the album ‘Tall Blonde Helicopter’ in 1995 and I have just loved it ever since.

Francis is a tall, blonde, balding Cumbrian who I have seen on numerous occasions at gigs.  He is an amazing guitarist, writer and presence.  I might have I mentioned him in some of my previous blog posts… 

Moved outside of…

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