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      1. Well, it was a Jeep Cherokee. First thing I did when I was done with college and had a job. I loved that thing, but it ended up breaking my heart. Constant mechanical trouble, and eventually totaled in an accident when I still owed money on it. Insurance gave me book value only, and because I had driven it across country a couple of times and had a ton of miles on it, I owed more than it was worth. Ended up paying off the loan for a vehicle that was now in a junk yard. Nobody told me about gap insurance. Live and learn.

      1. I guess it depends on what you use the car for. I just bought a new car and use it for business. I take clients out to dinner, lunch etc. and it makes a great impression. Plus it is a write-off on taxes for me.

      2. Thats the only way I’d consider it, as a business expense. Don’t need that for what I do though. If it’s reliable, in decent shape, and paid off, it’s perfect for me. My tractor is more vital to me than what I drive to work.

      1. I put a photo up a few weeks ago of part of his collection, it covers a table worth and that was only part of it.

        He is really good at building the models and making his own up. At the moment he wanted to build a scooby doo lego set, which I have refused to buy so he asked me to find the instructions online and he is building it with bits he has

  1. The three wheeled scooter I still have, five years later. At first it was great, able to grocery shop, etc on my own for it was a short hill ride from my home in CO. I went to appointments etc easily, met people for lunch.

    Then moving here, it’s battery life kept failing even with a half mile outing, I ended up stranded and a grandson pushing me up the hill, luckily he’s strong! Then the charger went out, then the back wheels refused to engage,left me stranded here in the complex. Thank heavens for great maintenance men. I had many tip overs here in the apartment, only one resulting in having to call my family for help.

    A broken sidewalk caused another tip over on gravelly snow. Then a tip over in a parking lot where I broke a hip bone resulting in three weeks in hospital and rehab. So it’s repaired, with help from my sister, and I hate to admit it, but it’s gathering dust.

    I’m not afraid of much, but I am not anxious to get on it again. I have said this before, but DO NOT EVER, EVER get a three wheeled scooter. They are dangerous.

    Imagine you’re sorry I replied to this, my apologies.

  2. Danny, you had to make it hard, not just a bad purchase, but the worst, drat. When I was in college and living off campus, I bought a bicycle. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a basic one from Sears. A week later I left it outside just to run in to my room and get something. It was 2, or maybe 3 minutes. When I came out, it was gone.

  3. Most probably Eggies to boil eggs. You know that famous phrase “there’s gotta be a better way!!” Well, there was, when it comes to Eggies, and Nature thought about it first… It’s called eggshells! LOL

      1. You got that right! LOL Yeah, I can’t think of a big purchase that was a real flop… I guess I’ve been lucky with that 😉

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