39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/1/18

      • Lately, if anyone sees me walking they act as if a miracle has happened and I am cured. I will say ” I walk when I can and use my chair when I can’t” but they still take it as a sign that I am getting healed. Which is very frustrating as they don’t know me or truly see me or want to know the truth at all


  1. Repeated compliments that say along the lines of, “You were able to do this.” “You are so talented. Look at how you did …” They convey an assumption that the person thought you are stupid and untalented.

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      • That’s the thing. I don’t think it’s anything incredible. It comes naturally. It was about the 3rd time that person said things like that when I really began to feel uncomfortable, as if I was a dog being praised —-“good dog. You’re so smart. You barked when that stranger came to the door”. I mean, this is not a setting of an employer telling an employee “good job”. The person is suppose to be a friend. She’s not a superior.

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  2. “Have you lost weight?” This is supposed to be a compliment as no woman can be too thin right? Wrong! When people say this to me I know they are veiling a “you look tired” or ” you don’t look so good” in a “you look thin”. I’ve had these since I was a teenager and i have always felt awkward about it.

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